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Nord A1 is an information and communications technology company founded in 2019 in Helsingborg, Sweden. The company operates across the country and in relation to intercontinental partners and global markets with the ultimate mission to create a modern and sustainable cyber life.

We develop low-energy IoT and ICT filtration systems with AI solutions that interpret and disperses information for the user by detecting critical information and rejecting irrelevance. We act as a gatekeeper to attention by changing the premiss of digital interaction through personalized solutions based on subjective values, machine learning, and a dynamic filtering hierarchy.

The criteria for our engagement is:
  1. Real solutions to real problems
  2. Sustainable ideation and implementation 
  3. Customizable and user-centered design 

Our first product is an AI-integrated governing system in the shape of a wristwatch, which essentially equals a “supersmart” watch with a dynamic, gate-keeping functionality that is built for social integrity and individual liberty. The proprietary system regulates modern technology with the help of artificial intelligence to limit screen time and technological distractions: merging cyber- and autonetics with traditional horology to optimize life in style and to give control back to the individual.

“We believe that wearables are the ultimate products to optimize because of the emotional and physical attachment to the consumer. It is evident that people live through their artifacts and the stories they invoke, but wearing a product solely for the aesthetics is undignified when there is life-changing technology available to add tremendous value."

Robin Schultz
Founder & CEO

Our company is involved in all the stages of production, from initial design to final assembly. We develop our own movement modules and apps to enable full control of the creative design in relation to our brand and the problems we set to solve. The development is based on certain regulatory frameworks of external- and internal network standards, with QC related to Electrical, Mechanical, and Cosmetic Quality documents. Suppliers are connected based on an internal Manufacturing Approval Program: with assembly and manufacturers being ISO 9001:2000, QC-080000 certified.

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Offices across the globe.