Traction Report #2

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Company traction

The company has closed a second seed round and is now further backed by senior sales executive Stefan Frank from IBM and Ericsson, as well as investment veteran and founder of Accent Equity Jan Ohlsson in Heudden Invest, along with Stockholm-based Inquiette Invest. The funding has enabled additional protection of intellectual property, as well as recruitments in development and marketing to expand the constellation to now involve 33 people of 16 different nationalities. The recruitments in our international team are primarily revolved around specialized competencies within communication and design, and this expansion serves to optimize development areas and initiate the test marketing phase of our AI wristwear, which will be released under the trademark Chroneering® for the proposition of reengineering time for the digital consumer.


The proprietary AI technology show continuous advancement in the area of natural language processing, now further supported by specialized data linguists focused on user-intent. The system diversifies to serve a range of users with a first line of defense against information overload. The vast research has led to a combination of solutions to enable a unique offering in the premature industry of digital well-being. Dedicated project manager and AI engineer Tayyba Naz drives the team with high anticipations of user adoption.

"Nord A1 has an innovative AI-based vision for time keeping and I am eager to see how our revolutionary product pans out in the market. Being part of Nord A1 has been an absolutely amazing experience. It’s a very rich work culture with team mates from all over the world. It’s a dream team!"

Tayyba Naz
Project manager

With a reconfigured supply-chain and revised time plan due to global component shortages, the company processes are now sustained by a versed hardware factory with decades of experience producing components to market-leading companies within watches and electronics. Optimizations of quality processes are further ensured through company partnerships.

Moreover, the company took part in Mobile Heights "Power Hour" consisting of highly skilled technology advisors from companies such as Telia and Sony, as well as one of the original developers of Bluetooth Sven Mattisson. The group offered support in regards to components, intellectual property, and cloud solutions, which helped to serve the company in optimizing strategy for the future.

"We are thrilled to have furthered the internal competence and scaled the team with such diverse, dedicated, and skillful people. As the founder, I am thankful for the immense support of our mission and to be part of such a multifaceted network that collectively strives to reach the highly anticipated targets set for Nord A1."

Robin Schultz
CEO & Founder


Offices across the globe.